New work is slowly coming (and I know, currently not with the greatest image quality)....

But I recently decided to sign up for an Artist in Residency in Motherhood, started by Lanka Clayton. This is a self-directed residency I am undergoing within my own home as a means of reclaiming my studio practice, my happiness, and an integral part of myself.

I will undergo this self-imposed artist residency in order to fully experience and explore the fragmented focus, nap-length studio time, limited movement and resources and general upheaval that parenthood brings and allow it to shape the direction of my work, rather than try to work “despite” it. 

(excerpt from the ARIM Manifesto)

I started my residency in mid-December 2020, each day (or if I'm honest every other day), I sit and give myself 20 minutes. 20 minutes to breathe and be still and focus on making one line at a time using a thin brush and watercolor. These images reference a small rainbow Montessori toy my daughter owns. As she learns her world, I re-learn mine.