Using connotations of word, font, lumber, dried flowers, gold leaf, Hickory shirts as a memorial, momento, or homage to a way of life that exists and is misunderstood by those who don't live closely to their land. Coming from a rural, historically timber-dependent community, this work serves as a discussion point regarding resources and those who depend upon harvesting those resources to support their families. The flip side of that coin being the declining supply of natural resources.

Influenced by the personal and the political, I draw inspiration from the historical and social landscape of place. Using my own rural community as a starting point, I articulate the complexity and range of the public's relationship with their nearby landscape. This body of work explores the theatrical quality of political debate surrounding land use. In theater nothing is as it seems. A set is a series of facades the public sees while the backstage mayhem remains a secret. The various positions within the land-use management debate are filled with spectacular facts and images leaving me to wonder what is truth and what is theater.